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Locally-owned and operated

Count on us for high-quality electrical supplies. We are locally-owned and operated and have top-quality fixtures and supplies for you to keep you safe and happy. Get in touch with us for all the electrical parts you need for your project.


your home with our high- quality electrical supplies.

We are locally-owned and operated and have been keeping homes safe with top-quality electrical supplies.

One stop shop for all your electrical supply needs

Stay safe and happy at home with our electrical supplies. From building wire to panels, tools, fasteners, smoke alarms, CO2, detectors, and more, we have a well-stocked showroom of high- quality electrical supplies for you.

Top-quality electrical supplies you can count on

Our customer service is of the highest quality and we make sure that all our electrical supplies are safe and of top-quality. We have everything from building wire to smoke alarms, detectors, and more.

Woods Lumber Co., Arkansas City, KS has been providing quality customer care with electrical supplies that are safe and are of the highest quality since 1937.

Quality electrical supplies since 1937

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